Age Well Senior Services is not a government or county agency. Instead, we are a nonprofit, public benefit 501(C)(3) organization located in Laguna Hills, California that relies on donations to provide services. Since 1975, we have been providing critical services, resources, and programs to homebound and low-income seniors living in South Orange County.

Our community-based services emphasize a continuum of care that most cities are unable to provide for their aging constituents. Our network of vital services includes:

              • Meals on Wheels
              • Congregate Lunch
              • Operation and Management of Senior Centers
              • Case Management
              • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
              • Health & Wellness

Age Well provides hope and independence for an ever expanding population of seniors, and enhances the quality of life for all in the communities it serves.  See what Age Well has achieved here:

Trust, Dedication, and Professionalism

For over three and a half decades, Age Well Senior Services (formerly South County Senior Services) has built a reputation as an extremely well-run and efficient organization that is a trustworthy steward of grants, donations and other funding.

Consistently receiving flawless audit ratings, Age Well is proud to be considered a model non-profit by both national and local organizations.

The Age Well team of professional medical experts, service providers, administrators, and executives all share a common dedication to the plight of seniors.  Individually and collectively, they work tirelessly to find, enhance, and implement solutions that enrich and prolong the lives of older adults.

We have an excellent track record of proven administrative policies and procedures, as well as finance and accounting practices. A very active and engaged Board of Directors, comprised of leading community professionals, governs our organization and oversees the ongoing implementation of our carefully crafted strategic plan.